For Over 40 years, The New Hampshire School of Ballet has led the state in the finest study of dance through our student's
love for all forms of dance".  Directed by Jennifer Beauvais-Rienert, The New Hampshire School of Ballet gives each student
every opportunity to attain their maximum level of potential.

The Program
A good dance program offers student development in several ways. With discipline of mind and body, muscular coordination
and self confidence, dancing can benefit students in every aspect of their lives. The New Hampshire School of Ballet has
always been strong in the pursuit of classical ballet training, giving a good base of technique, style, and movement
coordination. Students will find these classes challenging and rewarding, both physically and mentally.  

The New Hampshire School of Ballet provides numerous performance opportunities throughout the year. An important part
of our curriculum, performing builds confidence and professionalism in all dancers both on stage and off. All students
perform in our annual “Christmas Show” to help with their stage experience before performing in our “Evening of Dance”
each June. Intermediate through advanced levels participate in our annual production of “The Nutcracker”, which has
become a very popular holiday tradition. Additionally, every fall students have the opportunity to audition to become
members of the competition dance company.  

Young Children's Level
A solid base of ballet vocabulary and the development of coordination and motor skills are the keys to the New Hampshire
School of Ballet's young children's classes. Through a fun but disciplined classroom environment, girls and boys gain
awareness of music and rhythm as it pertains to dance. Students are placed by age, experience, and their ability to pay
attention in class rather than combining many ages together.  

Young Children's Dress Code:
Pre-Ballet and Petite Ballet Levels 1-4 - Dress Code: Pink leotard and pink tights
Junior thru Advanced Ballet & Jazz - Dress Code: Black  leotard and pink tights
Young Tap – Dress Code: Leotard and tights or dance clothing
Boys Dress Code for Ballet and Jazz Classes  
Boys should wear comfortable clothing to suit the class. For example, shorts or lightweight pants for ballet, and shorts or jazz
pants for jazz. Boys wear black ballet shoes and black jazz shoes. White or grey T-Shirt and black or blue pants/shorts is
suggested but not required.

"Discipline Options"

The beginner dancer will learn ballet vocabulary, as well as proper line, while still enjoying the fun of interaction with others
their own age. Intermediate levels vary according to age and number years taken. Classes consist of further studies in
technique at the barre and center, developing proper body tone and dance maturity. Advanced dancers enrolled in our
program meet for ballet classes at least twice a week and pointe at least once a week. At this level, privates and semi-
privates are available, allowing students the opportunity to vie for lead performances in our annual “Evening of Dance” and
presentation of “The Nutcracker”.

The New Hampshire School of Ballet’s Jazz program has expanded into fresh and exciting avenues where students of all
ages can enjoy themselves in a variety of styles, including Giordano/Luigi technique, video, and lyrical. Jazz combines the
discipline of ballet with freedom of movement to form a high energy workout.

Modern, Tumbling, Lyrical and Hip Hop classes are also available to students

Rhythm Tap, also called Jazz Tap, is the style taught at The New Hampshire School of Ballet. Technique is centered around
achieving good clear sounds and understanding musical structure.   

School Dress Code

All Petite and Young class levels- Pink Leotards
All Jr levels thru Advanced : Black leotard
All Ballet Levels - Hair pulled back in a tight bun.  

Boy's and Men's Dress Code
Boys and young men should wear comfortable clothing to suit the class. For example,shorts, tights, or lightweight pants for
ballet, and jazz pants for jazz. Boys and Men wear black ballet shoes and black jazz shoes.


The New Hampshire School of Ballet offers Advanced dancers the opportunity to partner and participate in Adagio classes.
Partnered dance roles are provided in both “The Nutcracker” and the annual “Evening of Dance”, adding a further
dimension to the dance experience offered to students.   Dress Code: Young Women: Dance clothes;   Men: Comfortable
clothing and clean sneakers or jazz/adagio shoes.

Intermediate level dancers  and above are required to take at least four weeks of summer classes to participate in our
annual Nutcracker production. All pointe students are required to take two ballet classes per week to maintain their strength.

Tap Classes:

Dress Code: Dance clothing; no jeans or long pants other than jazz pants. Recommended Shoe (not required):
Capezio CG55  

Young Tap 1-2 -  Students learn to count various musical styles using body rhythm, movement, and foot work. Fun - Basic
Young Tap 3 - Students learn to apply musicality, rhythm, and tempo using footwork in the center and across the floor.
Emphasis is on clarity and speed.
Advanced Tap 4&5 - Same as Tap 3 but at a much higher level.


Students will learn the basics as well as setting goals of what skills students wish to achieve on an individual basis. For some
this will be cartwheels, others back-handsprings. There will also be a conditioning part to the class to help with core strength
which will help their dancing and overall fitness.   

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