2016 Calendar of Events
183 Londonderry Turnpike
(28 By-pass)
Hooksett, NH 03106
(603) 668-5330

Thursday December 8th- Studio Nutcracker Rehearsal
Start with Act 2 for the rehearsal…

6-7pm 1st run thru (Manchester cast) starting w/Angels and 2nd Act soloists/trio's in V. Then
dances Sugar, Spanish, Arabian, Chinese, Russian, Marzipan, Waltz, Mother Ginger(at 6:30pm
done at 8pm) Candy Canes, finale w/all.

7-8pm 2nd run thru (Concord Cast) same as above

8-9:30pm Act 1 from beginning..Mothers, Daughters, Dolls, Adagio, Line Dance, Mice/Soldiers
(done at 9pm), Snow
(changes in regular classes for the night-Specs 2 will have ballet 4-5pm, pointe 5-5:30 and
Advanced Modern 5:30-6pm.Adv Inter Leaps and Turns will be replaced by 5-5:30pm Adv Inter
lyrical and 5:30-6pm Adv Inter Modern. We are trying to at least get classes run for 30 minutes
to practice Holiday show dances)

Thursday December 15th- On Stage Nutcracker Rehearsal Concord City Audi
4-4:45pm Spacing/no costumes yet- Snow, Waltz, Mothers, Angels and V with 2nd Act
4:45-5:30pm spacing for Mice/Soldiers, Line Dance, Finale
5:30-6pm spacing for Candy Canes, Mother Ginger, Mothers/Daughters/Boys
6:30-7:30pm Full Dress of Act 2 (mother ginger done 7:30pm)
7:30-8:30pm Full Dress of Act 1

Friday December 16th- Concord City Audi Nutcracker 7pm
Sunday December 18th- Holiday Show Bedford High School 11am, 2pm
Thursday December 29th- Palace Theater Nutcracker 7pm

Studio closed for regular classes Saturday Dec 24th- Sunday Jan 1st